Posted by: blubberlicious | January 29, 2010

This feels frivolous, but..

DATE: Friday, January 29th, 2010

WEIGHT: 217.5lbs (-8.5lbs from start)

I haven’t really been posting much lately.. Things have been a little bit like riding a roller coaster.

I seem to have detoxed off of sugar and refined ‘white’ carbs.. Caffeine, nearly – but I still want my coffee once in a while, so I’m not trying to detox off of that!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that if I don’t consume sugar or refined ‘white’ carbs, I kind of lose my appetite. Seriously. I have almost no desire to eat!

Please don’t think I’m starving myself, because I’m NOT. I will admit, however, not not always making my points quota for WW, which is obviously, not a good thing.

To the average non-dieter, eating less than required sounds like a good idea. It should only make you lose weight faster. BEEP! WRONG! Because I haven’t been eating enough, as you can see, my weight loss has somewhat stalled. Ugh. The first few days of eating less, I lost, yes (no, I was NOT trying to do that on purpose!), but soon after – even though I was eating less than my points allotment, I started to GAIN.

My weight went up THREE POUNDS for no reason other than my body must have thought it needed to store ‘rations’ for the lean days ahead. (Lean days for a fat person? As if!) As soon as I had a pig-out session and greedily gobbled down all my points (and then some!), the day after – I finally showed a loss again. Who’da thunk, right?

Anyway, other than the tragic issue of my cousin and her beautiful baby, and my smaller-than-microscopic-in-comparison weight-loss blip, things have been going fairly well.

– I took a Zumba class with my friend this past Tuesday – it was my first ever group-fitness class. I looked like a complete and utter ass, but I had fun!

– I’ve managed to stay 100% dietary vegan since the pledge and I’ve not bought any non-vegan household products (that I know of)

– I’ve experienced increased energy and actually WANT to go to the gym, where even the THOUGHT of it was tedious and tiring to me before

– I’ve tried lots of great new recipes and foods. Take for instance, last night when I made a white bean and collard greens soup garnished with lemon, served that with a salad, a big cup of ice water and vegan mac n’ cheez (made with nutri-yeast) with vegan sausage mini-meatballs and sliced tomato. It was yummy! Even carnivorous DH gobbled it all up.

I guess that’s really all I have to say on those matters for right now..



  1. Good job! Keep going…you’re doing it!

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